Art Universe is the first community to truly help artists find the right teams to develop their project ideas

The marketplace will allow the artist, designers, developers, and gamers alike to connect with one another in order to create successful teams that will help them with their project by not only creating the marketplace but also offering services like marketing, advertising, development, research and many more.

Art Universe is a platform where all artists, art collectors and blockchain / NFT enthusiasts can meet. If you are an artist, you can present your project on the Art Universe platform and the blockchain world will find you. If you are a collector or a fan of Original Artwork, get in touch with us to get more info on how you can add more value to your work.

Introduction to Art

Blockchain has radically changed how value can be created and exchanged. The Art Universe Platform offers a solution to the problems of the contemporary arts industry. A new paradigm, a first of it's kind global platform on which artists and arts entrepreneurs can benefit from.

The web 3.0 brought an immense revolution through the ability to create Non-Fungible Tokens (i.e NFTs) and most artists are yet to tap into this revolution. Art Universe is unique because it will be the world's first social economic platform, which will allow artists to publish their works, gain traction, interact with other artists and creators on the platform, trace the whereabouts of their artworks, and promote themselves as brands. The Art Universe team wants to form a community where people can work together towards a sustainable network effect where everyone wins.

Problem Identification

Many artists haven't been able to tap into the full spectrum of NFT arts by successfully minting their works on the blockchain, connecting to blockchain developers, Project Managers and potential investors. From our research, we discovered that there are two major problems that have hindered their efforts. Firstly, they have had to learn about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency adoption, and how to use tools like Solidity.

Secondly, they have had to learn to use a variety of different blockchain development platforms, wallets, and exchanges.

We looked into other sources and we discovered that the number of artists who have already started to sell their art on the blockchain is still relatively small. The reason for this is that it is sometimes difficult to connect with potential investors and blockchain developers. Also, the market is in the initial phase, where the majority of buyers are crypto-investors looking to diversify their portfolios by buying unique pieces of art. On the other hand, artists are not familiar with the processes associated with creating digital assets since they are used to selling traditional pieces of art.

Artists are subconsciously searching for a blockchain platform that will help them develop on their ideas, build their communities and connect them to potential buyers. understands that the primary goal is to make it easier for artists to understand blockchain technology and release their own personal digital asset as an investment vehicle as well as a saleable product to the NFT market, which is currently estimated to be worth more than $7 billion according to The secondary goal is to create a new pool of investors who believe in an artist’s work and will pay money to buy a piece of digital art based on the reputation of our platform.

While the blockchain industry has only grown in popularity recently, the art industry is eager to accept the fact that blockchain technology can provide an effective solution for several of its problems. But there are still many issues to consider. Blockchain technology is relatively young and its applications are still faced with problems that artists and investors do not know how to surmount. One of these problems is that digital transactions are easier to manipulate than physical ones, which makes maintaining fair practices difficult. The also understands this and will implement the DAO to ensure transparency and build trust in the community.

In the NFT Art world, the Problems encountered are not only limited to Artists. They are also faced by Investors because profitability remains the key purpose of every investment.

A lot of Investors are often lost in the NFT Art world. They don't really know which project to invest in. This is because they don't know how to choose which project is most likely to be profitable in the long run. There are many projects that have very good potential but there are also many projects that appear to be very promising but in reality, they aren't so. It's important for Investors to always know what NFT Project they should invest in.

Having a reputation structure that allows Investors to choose the most potential projects to invest in is a very important tool for profitable investment. NFT projects that have been pre-vetted by NFT experts from large leading investment firms will be published in the Art Universe Platform.


The ArtUniverse platform is focused on providing a revolutionary solution that will change the way art is bought, sold and exhibited. It will also change the way the world views art. We are using Blockchain technology to provide an immutable database that is available for all to view. By using smart contracts, buyers, sellers, artists, investors, curators and collectors can connect directly with one another without intermediaries.

The ArtUniverse project aims to connect all the key players in the art industry (artists, project managers, collectors, art curators, investors, exhibitors and attendees) using Blockchain technology to ensure that each stakeholder's rights are protected. Individual artists and NFT enthusiasts do not have to go through the stress of building a discord channel, twitter community, searching for competent blockchain developers, and haunting for Investors. We enable a small team to work with a big team to further promote network effects.

The ArtUniverse platform is essentially designed to support all aspects of the NFT art world: from creation, to authentication and valuation, to trading and investment. ArtUniverse enables an artist or a collector to create and manage their own digital art collection using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and other blockchain-based digital assets.

The Art Universe DAO

Art Universe DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is essentially designed to support all aspects of the NFT world, including artists, collectors, galleries, blockchain developers, art lovers and analysts. Whether you're an artist or collector, it's important to understand all aspects relating to development of a successful project. Additionally, the Art Universe DAO platform will offer an easily accessible center for information sharing on projects, experiences and analyses.

The Art Universe DAO will transparently connect and align incentives between all its stakeholders and take away subjective decision-making from individuals to empower a decentralized, algorithmic system: everyone involved will benefit. We strongly believe we could eliminate human error or manipulation of investor funds by placing decision-making power into the hands of an automated system and a crowdsourced process.

Art Universe was built from the ground up to be blockchain agnostic and to support the needs of the NFT world. The DAO is designed to handle both administrational and artistic responsibilities, with a specialized coding language for blockchain-aware creations and seamless performance by the crowd.

Roles of the Art Universe DAO

ArtUniverse created the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to allow a democratic system of selecting new projects to join the ArtUniverse Platform. When a new project is added, the DAO will review the project based on certain criteria and then grant exclusive rights to the project owner for adding highly respectable work to the ArtUniverse Platform. The DAO requires that 10% of the total Non-Fungible tokens uploaded by the owner be pledged to the DAO Vault as a staking fee, which provides an incentive for voters to thoroughly curate their selection of projects worthy of being added to the ArtUniverse Platform.

Investors can trust ArtUniverse to help them find the best investment projects with our DAO. The DAO will perform a thorough vetting process on all projects that are added to the ArtUniverse platform. This will ensure that only the highest quality Blockchain art projects are added.

This DAO is the brain that will direct the entire community to produce the best it can get. It is where all of the art will be curated, reviewed, judged and rated. Artists are required to submit their work to provide proof of authorship.

Here We Are
The ArtUniverse DAO consists of members that have come earlier and submitted their NFT works for approval. They are then later approved after the DAO has voted that the work is of good quality.
Once their works are approved they can choose their price point on how much their NFT work should cost. NFT Artists and creators are also given access to the ArtUniverse network and the right to vote.

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