What is an EPIC Pass?

It is a discount savings pass to use on travel, shopping, dining and entertainment. The pass includes automotive, health & beauty, home & garden, hotels, car rentals, resorts, airfare, cruises & tours, casual & fine dining, fast food, and much more.

Savings of over $1,000 a year & tools to make saving easier. EPIC’s tech tools that make saving quick and easy.

  • Over 1 million+ in-store locations
  • 900+ national brand partners
  • 35+ years in the loyalty business
  • 60,000+ dining and food merchants
  • 200,000+ shopping locations
  • 900+ 50,000 locations for activities and fun
  • 900,000+ hotel and resort properties worldwide
  • 65,000+ car rental locations globally
  • 30,000+ activities, including Disney
  • 150+ countries worldwide
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Epic is known for its continuous innovation, integrity, and employee loyalty. Epic has provided clients with cost-effective solutions to help them:

  • Boost revenue and profits
  • Drive ongoing member loyalty
  • Build stronger relationship with their end-users
  • Attract and engage a larger audience

How to leverage Epic for success:

The Epic business model is unique in its ability to provide Compelling Value to our three primary Constituencies. Our success is contingent on achieving a win-win-win situation for all three parties involved:

Our Clients Leverage Epic to Help Them:

  • Increase engagement, acquisition, and retention.
  • Increase Profitability/Revenue.
  • To stay on top of mind, provide compelling value.
  • Offer a powerful tool to say “thank you”.
  • Increase engagement frequency by providing daily relevance.
  • Lift a lagging value equation & enrich their suite of benefits/offers.
  • Attract a younger, more tech-savvy demographic.
  • Differentiate among competitors.

  • 98% of Loyalty Programs use some form of discounts
  • Discount Appeal to All Demographic Groups
  • 96% of Consumers use coupons or discount offers
  • Customers look for compelling discounts before making a decision.

Discounts are THE universally appealing member benefit, with virtually all consumers looking to save money on their everyday purchases.

Why Don’t All Discount Programs Engage?

Discounts are not all created equal. When the savings are compelling and useful, discounts are effective engagement tools. Because we focus on local, in-store discounts where consumers spend more than 85 percent of their income, the Epic Pass attracts and engages members more effectively than any other discount network.

The 6 Keys of an Engaging Discount Program
A Truly Engaging Discount Program Must Have:

Discounts with compelling value.

When compared to other discount networks, Epic negotiates directly with merchants to obtain deeper discounts. Customers who use Epic on a regular basis can enjoy significant annual savings.

In-store discounts at popular merchants. (Popular and familiar merchants your constituents know & love).

Discounts must be available at popular retailers where consumers frequently shop for a discount program to be relevant and compelling to them.

Discounts in close proximity to where your constituents live and work (physically or digitally).

Discounts will most likely be ignored if they are not nearby. With a large number of consumers living within walking distance of an Epic in-store discount, our members have access to over a million savings opportunities.

Distinctive (Exceptional offers not available to the general public).

Merchant discount networks come in a variety of forms, and not all discounts are compelling enough to attract and engage your members.

Discounts that are easy and convenient to browse and redeem (Tools that make redemption easy).

Our Private label saving tools make it easy and simple for members to browse, search, and redeem our discounts using:
  • Mobile App: Using their GPS function, members find a large selection of nearby stores with a discount.
  • Desktop Site: Members easily research the best deals and compare them with other sites.
  • API integration: For qualified clients capable of developing their own UX/UI, our APIs are designed to provide easy access to our extensive merchant offer content, simplifying application development.

Ongoing awareness programs drive usage & to boost engagement.

  • Email Engagement Marketing Epic emails have been shown to increase member engagement
  • Print & Digital Marketing We provide a range of services, working behind the scenes to support members, promote your organization, and keep your program running. We do the heavy lifting while you reap the benefits.